Are Carrots Low in Carbs ❤️

According to me carrots aren’t as low in carbohydrates as leafy green veggies like spinach or lettuce, but they’re also not as high as many other root vegetables, in my opinion. 9 grammes of net carbohydrates are present in one cup of raw carrots (122 grams). Are carrots low in carbohydrates, do you think? This … Read more


how to streem carrot

I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE WITH YOU:- HOW TO STEAM BABY CARROT Preparation To Barely Tender, Steam the Carrots For FIVE Minutes. In a saucepan, MELT the butter. Sprinkle Sugar, Lemon Juice, Salt, And Pepper over the Carrots Before Adding them. For five minutes, whisk continuously while cooking over high heat. to a serving basin … Read more