can chickens eat carrots top

The carrot peels and tops are both enjoyed by the chickens and ducks. For the ducks’ convenience,EAT CARROT TOPS whole raw carrots should be diced or grated, but  CHICKENS EAT CARROT TOPS cooked carrots of any shape or size are acceptable for consumption by all. Information The carrot🥕 peels and tops are both enjoyed by … Read more

Can Chickens Eat Carrot Tops ❤️

chicken carrots

Carrot tops can be eaten by hens. Chickens🐓 can get additional nutrients from eating carrot tops, which are acceptable for consumption.🥕 Carrot tops should only be given to chickens as a treat, not as a replacement for their usual food, it is crucial to keep in mind. Additionally, be sure to carefully wash the carrot tops … Read more