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According to me To blanch the carrots, bring a pan of water to the boil. Have prepared a bowl of iced water and a tray lined with kitchen paper. Pop the carrots into the boiling water and blanch for 3-5 minutes, depending on the size.Learn everything you need to know about obtaining carrot seeds for your garden, including seed saving, purchasing, and harvesting tips.


Growing veggies from seeds is one of the most satisfying activities if you’re a devoted gardener. Due to their adaptability and delectable flavour, carrots🥕 are a mainstay in many gardens. So where might one find carrot🥕 seeds? Should you gather them from mature plants, buy them from a store, or save them from your own crop? We’ll go through every choice you have in detail in this detailed guide, along with advice for each approach.

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 Saving Carrot Seeds

If you want to cultivate the same variety of carrots🥕 every year, saving the seeds is an excellent alternative. Here is how you do it:

Let some carrots to reach their full maturity because they need two years in the ground to develop seeds. A tall, white blossom stem with seeds will appear after the plant’s first year.

When the blossom stalk has dried out and become brown, it is time to collect the seeds. In a paper bag with the stem cut off, hang it upside down in a dry, cool area. The seeds will disperse from the 😊stem and into the bag after a few weeks.
keeping the seeds: the seeds have been 😊sown.

Purchasing Carrot Seeds

Many gardeners😊 find it convenient to buy carrot seeds. Here are some pointers for purchasing top-notch seeds:

Choose a trustworthy vendor: To guarantee that you are getting high-quality seeds that will result in healthy plants, make sure to get your seeds from a respected vendor.

Verify the date of expiration: Make careful to look at the seed packet’s expiration date. It’s possible that expired seeds won’t germinate well.

Search for certain types: There are numerous carrot varieties available, each with their own distinctive qualities. Search for the particular type you 😊wish to grow.

Harvesting Carrot Seeds

Another choice is to collect fruit seeds from mature plants. Here is how you do it:

As was previously said, after two years, carrot🥕 plants will produce a tall, white blossom stem. In the meantime, wait for the blooms to dry. Time to gather the seeds is when the blossoms have dried out and become brown.

Pick up the seeds: The flower stalk should be cut✂ off the plant using a pair of scissors or shears. To get the seeds into a container, shake the stem.
After gathering the seeds, spread them out on a piece😊 of paper towel and let them air dry for a few days.


Can I save carrot seeds from any variety of carrot?

You may indeed😊 save the seeds from any kind of fruit🥕. Just be sure to select disease-free, healthy plants.

How long do carrot seeds last?

If stored properly, carrot🥕 seeds can live up to three years.

Can I plant carrot seeds indoors?

On a seed tray, you can grow fruit seeds indoors. When the seedlings are large😊 enough, be sure to plant them in the ground.

Where can I buy seeds for carrots?

Garden centers, nurseries, and internet seed vendors all carry carrot🥕 seeds. Additionally, you can discover them at nearby farmer’s markets or in catalogs.

Can I save the seeds from carrots I purchase at the store?

Because store-bought carrots🥕 are frequently hybrids, it’s possible that their seeds won’t grow plants🪴 that are true to either parent. To guarantee trustworthy outcomes, it is best to get seeds from reliable suppliers.

How can I choose carrot seeds of high quality?

When purchasing carrot🥕 seeds, seek out trustworthy seed suppliers who provide new seeds with a good germination rate. The seed’s expiration date can be found on the packaging as well.

Can I save the seeds from my own carrot plants?

Carrot🥕 seeds can be harvested from your own plants🪴, yes. Let some of the carrots reach their full maturity and bloom. Seed heads from the blooms can be harvested and preserved.

How long are carrot seeds still good for?

Carrot🥕 seeds can last for two to three years under good storage conditions. However, over time, their rate of germination can decline.

Additional FAQs of How Do You Get Carrot Seeds?

What time of year is ideal for collecting carrot seeds?

Let the carrot🥕 plants🪴 develop to their full potential and form seed heads. When the seed heads have dried out and turned brown, they should be harvested. Don’t gather them when it’s raining or damp outside.

How can I get the seeds of a carrot out of the seed heads?

To remove the seeds from the plant🪴 matter, gently rub the dried seed heads. The seeds should next be sifted through a mesh screen to get rid of any chaff or debris.

How should carrot seeds be kept?

Carrot🥕 seeds should be kept in airtight containers or sealed envelopes in a cold, dry location. It is advised to write the seed variety and the collection date on the containers.

Can I put carrot seeds in the freezer or refrigerator?

Carrot🥕 seeds can be preserved longer by being kept in the freezer or refrigerator. Prior to storing, make sure they are completely dried off and place them in moisture-proof containers.

How many seeds should I plant for carrots?

Because carrot🥕 seeds are tiny, it might be challenging to evenly position them. Aim to plant 2 to 3 seeds per inch, and after the seedlings have emerged, thin them to ensure adequate spacing.

Do you have a variety of carrots to pick from?

Yes, there are many different types of carrots🥕 that vary in size, shape, color, and flavor. Pick a cultivar that works with your growth conditions and taste preferences.


In spite of me Whether you choose to save carrot seeds from your own crop, purchase them from a store, or harvest them from mature plants, getting your hands on high-quality  fruits seeds is essential for a successful garden. By following the tips outlined in this guide, you’ll be able to obtain and grow healthy, delicious carrots year after year. 

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