How to Harvest Seeds From a Carrots

How to Harvest Seeds From a Carrots

To avoid spending money on seed purchases and to keep growing your own Harvest Seeds From Carrots🥕 for years to come, harvesting the seeds from carrots 🥕is a terrific idea.


Whether you are an experienced gardener or are just setting up your first vegetable patch, knowing how to collect carrot🥕 seeds can be a useful skill to have. It not only enables you to save money by preventing the need to purchase fresh carrot🥕 seeds each season, but it also enables you to maintain and spread the distinctive characteristics of your preferred carrot 🥕kinds.

However, collecting carrot🥕 seeds can be a little challenging and calls for persistence and familiarity with the plant’s life cycle. In this post, we’ll take you step-by-step through the process of collecting carrot 🥕seeds, from when and how to collect, to how to store and test the viability of the seeds, as well as some practical advice for a good harvest.

Carrot 🥕Seed Harvesting Season

Let’s first talk about the best time to harvest carrot 🥕seeds before getting into the mechanics of how to do so. Like biennial plants, carrots🥕 go through their entire life cycle in just two years. They develop a taproot and leaves in the first year, and flowers and seeds are produced in the second year.

Wait until the second year, when the plant has bolted or sent up a flower stem, to harvest carrot🥕 seeds. The tiny, white and pink blossoms eventually give birth to seed pods that look like little umbrellas. Once they turn brown and dry out, you may begin harvesting these ripe seed pods.

Don’t wait too long to collect the carrot🥕 seeds, though, as the pods may split open and scatter before you can gather them. The seeds should ideally be collected before the first frost of the season because frost can harm the pods and lessen seed viability.

Harvesting Carrot 🥕Seeds: A Guide

Let’s talk about how to harvest carrot 🥕seeds now that you know when to do it. Carrot 🥕seeds can be collected in one of two ways: by hand, or with the use of a gardening tool.

Harvesting by Hand

The most popular and simple way for gathering carrot 🥕seeds is hand harvesting. This is how you do it:

Hold off until the seed pods are dry and brown.
Use a good pair of pruning shears or scissors to trim the flower stalks.
To catch the dropping seeds, place the chopped stalks upside-down in a paper bag or envelope.
To liberate the seeds, gently crush the seed pods.
Use a fine-mesh sieve to separate the seeds from the waste, or winnow the material with a gentle breeze.
Until they are ready to be used, keep the cleaned seeds in an airtight container in a cold, dry location.

Harvesting Method Using Garden Tools

Use a garden tool to gather carrot🥕 seeds if you have a big garden or wish to hasten the harvesting process. This is how you do it:

Hold off until the seed pods are dry and brown.
Using pruning shears or a sharp knife, trim the flower stalks, leaving approximately an inch of stalk still attached to the pod.
To help in the pods dry even more, bundle in the stalks together and hang them upside-down in a warm, dry, & well-ventilated room for a few days.
Put a pail or a big container under the stalks that are hanging.
Gently tapping the pods with a wooden stick or dowel will cause the seeds to spill out into the container.
Use a fine-mesh sieve to separate the seeds from the waste, or winnow the material with a gentle breeze.

Until they are ready to be used, keep the cleaned seeds in an airtight container in a cold, dry location.
If you have a lot of carrot🥕 plants, using a garden tool to collect the seeds can be more effective and labor-saving than doing it by hand. However, take in mind that this approach may also lead to more chaff and debris mingling with the seeds, so sift and carefully clean them before storage.

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What time of year is ideal for collecting carrot seeds?

A: Delay harvesting until after the carrot plants have gone to seed and the seed pods are brown and dried. About two to three weeks after the flowers have bloomed, this typically happens.

How long does it take for carrot seeds to mature?

A: After the flowers have bloomed, it usually takes carrot seeds two to three weeks to grow. However, the precise timing can change based on the carrot species and the growth environment.

Do my carrot plants’ seeds make good food?

A: Yes, while they are rather little and may not have much flavour, you can consume the seeds from your carrot plants.

Can I pick carrot seeds before the plants flower and set seed?

A: No, you must wait for the seed pods to dry up before harvesting carrot seeds; otherwise, the plants will go to seed before you can harvest the seeds.

How long are carrot seeds good for?

A: If kept correctly in a cold, dry, and dark environment, carrot seeds can last for up to 3–4 years. However, they could lose viability over time, so it’s preferable to use fresh seeds if you can.

Additional FAQs

When should I collect the carrot seedlings?

Wait until the seed heads have dried out and turned brown on the carrot plant before harvesting. About two to three weeks after the carrots are harvested, this typically happens.

How will I know when to harvest the seed heads?

The umbels (the structures that hold the seeds) will begin to bend upward as the seed heads become brown and dry.

How do I get the umbel seeds out?

To release the seeds, just remove the umbels from the plant and shake them gently over a container. To assist in removing the seeds, you can either use a brush or your fingers.

How should I wash the seeds?

After removing the seeds from the umbels, you can clean them by gently blowing or rubbing them between your hands to get rid of any chaff or debris that may be have a remained.

Do carrot seeds last a long time?

If properly preserved, carrot seeds can live up to three years. It is advisable to use them within the first year because the germination rate could drop over time.

How many seeds will one carrot plant produce?

Depending on the size of the plant and the growing conditions, one carrot plant can yield hundreds of seeds.

Can hybrid carrot seeds be saved?

Hybrid carrot seeds can be saved, although they might not grow with the same traits as the parent plant. If you want to guarantee that subsequent plants will have the same traits, it is advisable to conserve seeds from open-pollinated or heirloom kinds.


In conclusion, saving carrot 🥕seeds can be a fun and economical way to produce your own carrots🥕 repeatedly. Using a garden tool or harvesting by hand, both methods are quite easy and basic. Just keep in mind to wait until the carrot 🥕plants have finished flowering, harvest the seed pods once they have dried out and become brown, and then store the cleaned seeds in a cool, dry area until you are ready to utilise them.

Additionally, it’s an entertaining and instructive method to learn more about the plant life cycle and the value of storing seeds.

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