How to Steam Broccoli and Carrots

How to Steam Broccoli and Carrots

According to me, Steaming broccoli and carrots is a healthy and delicious way to prepare these vegetables.


Broccoli and carrots🥕 are two of the greatest veggies to steam, making it one of the simplest and healthiest methods to prepare vegetables. Vegetables that are steamed remain crisp and delicate while also retaining their nutrients and flavours. In this article, we’ll explain how to perfectly steam broccoli and carrots🥕 so you can have a tasty and wholesome food that’s quick to prepare and beneficial for you.

How to Steam Carrots🥕 and Broccoli

Get the Veggies Ready

You must get your vegetables ready before you start steaming. Your broccoli and carrots🥕 should first be well washed under running water. Then, using a sharp knife, chop the carrots 🥕into thin rounds and the broccoli into bite-sized florets. To ensure consistent cooking, make sure the pieces are all around the same size.

Configure the steamer

You must next set up your steamer. You can substitute a metal colander or a mesh strainer if you don’t have a steamer basket. Bring a pot to a boil by adding approximately an inch of water🫗 to it. Once the water has reached a rolling boil, carefully lay the colander or steamer basket over the saucepan, making sure it fits tightly.

the vegetables are steamed

The vegetables must now be steamed. Place the cooked broccoli and carrots🥕 in the colander or steamer basket, being careful not to compress them too firmly. Put a tight-fitting lid on the saucepan and lower the heat to medium. Vegetables should steam for 5-7 minutes, or until they are soft but still have a tiny crunch.

“Spice and Serve”

Take the cooked vegetables🥦 out of the steamer and put them in a bowl. If preferred, add a little melted butter or olive oil to them after seasoning them with a touch of salt and pepper. As soon as they are hot and tasty, serve the steamed broccoli and carrots.🥕

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Can I steam carrots and broccoli together?

Broccoli and carrots can be steamed together, yes. They cook in about the same amount of time and their flavours and textures go nicely together.

2. May I mix in additional vegetables?

Absolutely! You can toss in more vegetables like cauliflower, green beans, or asparagus. To ensure consistent cooking, just make sure the cooking times are comparable.

3. Can I add additional spices to the vegetables’ seasoning?

Add additional spices to the vegetables, like paprika, onion powder, or garlic powder. Just be careful not to over season the vegetables because their natural flavours are already wonderful.

4. Should I oil the vegetables before steaming them?

No, adding oil to the veggies before steaming is not necessary; they will cook just well without it. However, you may pour them with a small amount of melted butter or olive oil after steaming them if you want to give them a little bit more flavour and moisture.


Broccoli and carrots🥕 can be prepared quickly and healthily by steaming them. These simple steps will help you make a tasty and nutrient-rich dish that is ideal for any meal. Steamed broccoli and carrots 🥕are always a favorite, whether you’re preparing for a small group or a large one. So why not try it out right now? Your body and taste buds will appreciate it!

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