How to Use Carrot Cash on a Hopper

How to Use Carrot Cash on a Hopper

According to me, the payment option Carrot Cash is available on the Hopper travel app.


Travelling can be costly, but with the correct 🥕equipment, you can reduce the cost. You can use the well-known travel app Hopper to search for the most affordable hotels and flights. Additionally, you can save more money with Hopper’s rewards programme, Carrot 🥕Cash. To help you make the most of your rewards and travel budget, we’ll show you how to spend Carrot 🥕Cash on Hopper in this article.

Describe Carrot Cash.

Hopper’s loyalty programme, Carrot Cash, offers incentives for using the app to book hotels and flights. Every time you make a reservation, you collect Carrot Coins, which may be used for savings on subsequent reservations. For instance, 100 Carrot Coins will save you $1 on a hotel or flight reservation.

How to Earn Coins for Carrots

Booking hotels and flights with Hopper is the most straightforward way to earn Carrot Coins. Earn more money by booking more appointments. However, there are additional ways to obtain carrot coins.

Send a friend to Hopper and you’ll both receive 100 Carrot🥕 Coins.
Complete challenges: From time to time, Hopper offers challenges that give users Carrot 🥕Coins in exchange for doing things like making a particular number of hotel or airfare reservations.
Participate in promotions: Hopper occasionally runs promotions that give customers extra Carrot🥕 Coins to make reservations within a given time frame or by entering a certain promo code.

Redeeming Carrot 🥕Coins

It’s simple to redeem your carrot🥕 coins. This is how you do it:

Go to the “Reward” tab in the Hopper app.
To apply the discount to a booking, select “Redeem Carrot🥕 Coins” and then select the booking.
At checkout, the discount will be instantly applied.
Remember that Carrot 🥕Coins have a 12-month expiration date, so utilise them as soon as possible.

How to Use Hopper’s Carrot 🥕Cash

Let’s discuss how to strategically use Carrot🥕 Coins to cut costs on travel now that you know how to earn and use them. Here are a few advices:

Book in bulk: Carrot Cash offers greater savings the more reservations you make all at once. If you have 1000 Carrot Coins, for instance, you can use them all at once to save $10 on a booking or divide them up into 100 chunks to save $1 on several reservations.
By advising you when to book for the cheapest price, Hopper’s price prediction feature can help you save money on flights. Additionally, if you reserve early, you can use Carrot Cash to save extra money.
Check for any discounts that might be available before making a reservation because Carrot Cash can be used in conjunction with other coupons and discounts.

Spend on upgrades: You can spend Carrot Cash to upgrade your hotel or travel reservation. For instance, if you have enough Carrot Coins, you may spend them to fly in business class rather than economy.

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A: Can I make a booking with Carrot Cash?

A: The majority of hotels and flights booked via the Hopper app accept Carrot Cash. Carrot Cash discounts, however, may not be available for all reservations.

How can I figure out how many carrot coins I possess?

A: On the “Rewards” page of the Hopper app, you can check how many Carrot Coins you have.

Can I use Carrot Cash in conjunction with other offers?

A: Yes, you can use Carrot Cash in conjunction with other deals and coupons.

How long are Carrot Coins good for?

A: Use your carrot coins before they expire because they only last for a year.

How do I exchange my carrot coins?

A: Select “Redeem Carrot Coins” from the “Rewards” menu in the Hopper app to use your Carrot Coins. Select the reservation you wish to use the discount on, and it will be applied instantly when you check out.

A: Can I upgrade my reservation with Carrot Cash?

A: You can use Carrot Cash to upgrade your hotel or travel reservation. The quantity of Carrot Cash needed for an upgrade, however, may differ based on the booking.


In conclusion, using the Hopper app and Carrot Cash is a fantastic method to save money on your trip reservations. You may use Carrot Coins you earn through the app’s numerous activities to redeem savings on lodging and travel. It’s crucial to keep in mind that Carrot🥕 Coins do expire after a year, so spend them as soon as possible. Additionally, not all reservations may qualify for Carrot 🥕Cash discounts, so it’s a good idea to verify before making a reservation. All things considered, using Carrot🥕 Cash on Hopper can make your travel arrangements more pleasurable and cheap.

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