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As per my knowledge, with the help of the well-known travel software Hopper, you may locate the most affordable tickets, accommodations, and rental vehicles. Hopper has recently added Carrot Cash, a loyalty programme that gives members credits towards future reservations, making it even more appealing. We’ll demonstrate how to spend Carrot🥕 Cash on Hopper in this article so you can maximise your benefits.

Setting up your Carrot Cash account

You must create an account before you can begin earning and using Carrot🥕 Dollars on Hopper. Here is how you do it:

  1. Launch the Hopper application on your smartphone.
  2. At the lower right corner of the screen, tap the “Profile” symbol.
  3. “Carrot🥕 Cash” should be chosen.
  4. To create your account, adhere to the instructions.

Booking accommodations through Hopper after creating your account will allow you to start earning Carrot🥕 Coins.

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Earning Carrot Cash

On Hopper, there are numerous methods to earn Carrot🥕 Cash. Here are a few illustrations:

  1. Book a flight: Depending on the cost of your ticket, you can earn Carrot🥕 Cash when you use Hopper to book a flight. You’ll make more money by spending more money.
  2. Hotel reservations can be made through Hopper, and depending on the cost of your reservation, you can receive Carrot Cash.
  3. Rent a car: If you require a vehicle for your vacation, you may earn Carrot🥕 Cash by doing so through Hopper.

It’s crucial to remember that once you make a booking, Carrot🥕 Cash rewards may not show up in your account for up to 24 hours.

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Redeeming Carrot Cash

You can use Carrot🥕 Cash to reserve upcoming trips on Hopper once you’ve earned some. This is how:

  1. Launch the Hopper app.
  2. As usual, conduct a search for an airline, hotel, or rental vehicle.
  3. Search for the Carrot🥕 Cash application option on the payment page.
  4. Choose how much Carrot🥕 Cash you wish to apply to your reservation.
  5. As usual, complete your reservation.

It’s vital to understand that Carrot🥕 Cash can only be applied to the booking’s base fare. Carrot Cash cannot be used to pay for taxes, fees, or other costs.


What happens if I cancel a booking that I used Carrot Cash for?

Carrot🥕 Cash will be reimbursed to your account if you cancel a booking for which you used it. The Carrot🥕 Cash, however, might not appear in your account for up to 24 hours.

Can I transfer my Carrot Cash to another Hopper user?

No, the account holder is the only person who may use Carro🥕t Cash; it cannot be transferre.

Is there an expiration date for my Carrot Cash?

The answer is yes; Carrot🥕 Cash expires 12 months after it was earned. Use it before it expires, please!

What is Carrot Cash?

Users can earn Carrot🥕 Cash, an in-app travel credit type that Hopper offers, which is equal to $1 USD in travel credit that can be used on subsequent reservations on Hopper. It has no cash value, cannot be transferred, redeemed for cash, and can only be used to make purchases through the Hopper app.

How can I use Carrot Cash?

Except for some home bookings, Carrot🥕 Cash can used to pay for advance travel reservations on Hopper. You cannot use Carrot Cash to reserve a hotel or car with a pay-later policy. It can also used to rent cars through Hopper.

How do I get Carrot Cash on Hopper?

On Hopper reservations, users can earn Carrot Cash.

Can Carrot Cash transferred or exchanged for cash?

No, you cannot transfer, redeem, or swap Carrot🥕 Cash for cash.

What is the value of Carrot Cash?

Carrot🥕 Cash is a travel credit of $1 USD that may used on future Hopper reservations.

Additional FAQs of How to Use Carrot Cash on Hopper

How do I know if I have Carrot Cash in my Hopper Wallet?

By touching on the carrot icon at the top of the home screen, users may view specifics on what is in their Hopper Wallet.

What happens if my Carrot Cash disappears?

Carrot🥕 Cash is only removed from a user’s Hopper Wallet when redeemed for a reservation or if it expires

Can Carrot Cash used for all types of bookings on Hopper?

Except for some home bookings, Carrot🥕 Cash can used to pay for advance travel reservations on Hopper. Carrot Cash cannot used while reserving a hotel or vehicle with a pay-later option.

Can Carrot Cash used for Hopper car rentals?

Yes, you may pay for Hopper vehicle rentals with Carrot Cash.

How do I use Carrot Cash for Hopper car rentals?

Users can select a rental car by tapping on “Cars🚗” on the app’s home screen, then enter the location where they wish to pick up the vehicle. They will notice a notice to that effect at the top of the list of search results if they have Carrot🥕 Cash in their Hopper Wallet that can be applied to a rental car.

How does Carrot Cash help me save money on Hopper?

Users can acquire Carrot🥕 Cash, a kind of in-app travel credit, and utilize it to lower their future travel costs by applying it to Hopper reservations.

Is Carrot Cash easy to use on Hopper?

Although using Carrot🥕 Cash on Hopper may confusing for some users, it can used to pay for advance-purchased travel arrangements and Hopper car rentals.


According To me, for future trip reservations, using Carrot🥕 Cash on Hopper is a terrific method to cut costs. You can set up your account, collect rewards, and use them to offset the cost of your subsequent trip by following the instructions provided in this tutorial. Remember to utilise your Carrot🥕 Cash before it expires by keeping an eye on the date.

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