Were Carrots Original Purples?❤️

Were Carrots Original Purples?

According to me, Yes, the first wild carrots were probably white or purple. The popular orange carrots of today are the product of Dutch farmers’ selective breeding in the 17th century. Carrots were mostly white or purple before that, with a few yellow or red ones thrown in. The orange type of carrot soon rose to prominence and spread to other parts of the globe.


Around the world, carrots are a common ingredient in many families. They are adaptable, crisp veggies that can be consumed either raw or cooked. The orange kind of carrots that are frequently found in shops is one that the majority of us are familiar with. Did you know that carrots don’t always come in the colour orange? Carrots’ initial colour was very different from the orange shade we now associate with them. So, were carrots purple in the beginning? Find out by exploring the intriguing history of carrots.

Carrot 🥕Evolution: From Purple to Orange

Since ancient times, carrots🥕 have been a staple of human diets and have been around for generations. The biennial wild carrot,🥕 commonly referred to as queen Anne’s lace, is a native of Europe and Asia. Most likely domesticated over a thousand years ago in Afghanistan, the first carrots🥕 were not orange.

Original carrot 🥕colour

Carrots🥕 were probably originally purple or yellow in colour. In the past, the purple kind of carrot 🥕was the most popular and was highly prized for its therapeutic qualities. Anthocyanins, an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, are present in purple carrots. 🥕Ancient people also enjoy yellow carrots,🥕 which were a prize for their sweetness.

How Orange Carrots🥕 Came to Be

Before the 16th century, there were no orange carrots 🥕like the ones we are familiar with today. Dutch farmers created the colour orange as a way to pay homage to the House of Orange-Nassau, the country’s royal family. To produce the orange variety we are familiar with today, they deliberately bred white and yellow carrots.🥕

In Popular Culture, Carrots🥕

Since ancient times, people have enjoyed talking about carrots🥕 in popular culture. Since it was formerly thought that carrots 🥕may improve night vision, Bugs Bunny is credited with saying, “What’s up, Doc?” while chewing on one. Carrots🥕 are frequently portrayed as a sign of wellbeing and nourishment since they have also been connected to excellent health and vigour.

Art with Carrots🥕

Over the years, several well-known works of art have had carrots 🥕as their theme. Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s “The Carrot”🥕 is among the most well-known. 

Literature about carrots🥕

Additionally, carrots🥕 have been mentioned in other literary works, including Beatrix Potter’s “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” for children. Eating carrots🥕 and other veggies, Peter Rabbit sneaks into Mr. McGregor’s garden in the book, starting a comical and endearing adventure.

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FAQs for Were Carrots Original Purples?

Do carrots come in purple varieties?

A: Carrots were probably originally purple or yellow in colour.

When did carrots start turning orange?

A: In the 16th century, Dutch farmers carefully bred white and yellow carrots to produce the orange type we are familiar with today.

Are there still any purple carrots available?

A: Farmers markets and specialty shops carry purple carrots today, therefore the answer is yes.

When were the first orange carrots grown?

In the 17th century, orange carrots were first grown in the Netherlands.

What are the dietary variations between yellow, orange, and purple carrots?

Carrots come in all three colours and are healthy, however purple and yellow carrots have higher antioxidant levels than orange carrots.

Do purple and orange carrots have a different flavour profile?

Compared to orange carrots, purple carrots have a softer, somewhat sweeter flavour.

Do purple or yellow carrots offer any particular health advantages?

Anthocyanins, which are abundant in purple carrots and have been associated with a lower risk of heart disease and several types of cancer. Lutein, which is abundant in yellow carrots, may benefit eye health.

Additional FAQs from Were Carrots Original Purples?

Can you prepare yellow, purple, and orange carrots in the same way?

Yes, you may prepare and consume purple and yellow carrots the same way you do orange carrots.

Does anyone have a recipe that calls for purple or yellow carrots?

Purple carrots are utilised in various nations to create the well-known fermented beverage known as kanji. Some Indian dishes, like carrot halwa, use yellow carrots.

Are carrots in purple and yellow more expensive than those in orange?

Purple and yellow carrots may cost more than orange ones since they are less prevalent.

Can you grow carrots in your yard that are purple and yellow?

Yes, it is possible to buy and grow purple and yellow carrots in your home garden.

What kind of carrot is consumed today most frequently?

The orange carrot, which accounts for over 95% of the global carrot market, is the most widely consumed variety today.


In conclusion, the development of carrots is evidence of the inventiveness and power of people. Carrots have seen numerous modifications over the years, from their simple beginnings in Afghanistan to their current broad popularity. The original purple and yellow types are still readily accessible and highly prized for their distinctive taste and nutritional qualities, while the orange version is currently the most popular. Carrot is a valued and adaptable vegetable that has endured the taste of time, whether you enjoy it raw or cooked, in a salad or as a snack. So, were carrots purple in the beginning? Yes, but they have evolved well beyond their basic colour, and they have significant cultural importance.

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