What Grows Well With Carrots? ❤️

In a vegetable garden, carrots go well with a lot of other plants. Although others can serve to enhance the soil conditions for the carrots, some plants can aid to deter pests or attract beneficial insects.

What can you grow successfully with carrots? To ensure the success of your vegetable garden, consider these companion planting suggestions. Find out which plants to use with carrots and which to avoid.


Whether they are cooked, raw, or juiced, carrots🥕🥕🥕 are a delightful and adaptable vegetable that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Because they are simple to grow and have good nutritional value, they are also a common choice for backyard vegetable gardens. Knowing what crops grow well with carrots🥕🥕🥕 is crucial for maximizing the yield from your crop. A gardening practice called companion planting is pairing up specific species for mutual benefit. This post will discuss some of the best plants to grow with carrots🥕🥕🥕 as well as some plants to stay away from.

Companion Plants for Carrots:

Lettuce: Lettuce has shallow roots that won’t compete with carrots for nutrition, making it a wonderful companion plant for carrots. Also, lettuce can provide shade for the carrots, which can help slow down soil evaporation.

Onions: Due of their ability to deter carrot flies, onions make another excellent companion plant for carrots. Although being a frequent pest that can harm carrot crops, onions’ potent aroma repels carrot flies.

Radishes are a quick-growing vegetable that can be grown next to carrots. They aid in soil aeration, which facilitates the growth of carrots, and their spicy flavour may serve to conceal the smell of the carrots, which may serve to deter carrot flies.

Peas: Peas are a legume that can help carrots grow by fixing nitrogen in the soil. Peas and carrots can be planted together to increase soil fertility. Nitrogen is a crucial component for plant growth.

Beans: Beans are another type of legume that can help the soil fix nitrogen. Also, they have extensive roots that can assist loosen the soil and strengthen its structure.

Plants to Avoid:

Dill: Although dill is a well-liked herb and is frequently used in cooking, it is not a good plant to grow with carrots. Dill may draw carrot flies, which could harm the crop of carrots.

Parsley: Another herb that shouldn’t be grown with carrots is parsley. It has a deep root system that can compete with carrots for nutrition and can draw carrot flies.

Fennel: A herb with a potent aroma that may draw carrot flies is fennel. Furthermore, it rivals carrots for nutrition thanks to its thick root system.

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Can I grow tomatoes alongside carrots?

Tomatoes and carrots🥕 shouldn’t be grown together, despite the fact that both are common garden veggies. Since that they require a lot of water and nutrients, carrots and tomatoes may compete with one another. The two plants each attract a different kind of pest, so planting them together can actually increase the number of pests in your yard.

Can I grow potatoes and carrots together?

Because potatoes and carrots🥕 require various types of soil, they are poor companion plants. Carrots prefer a more neutral soil pH, but potatoes prefer acidic soil.

How far apart should I space my carrot companion plants from them?

The precise plants you are planting will determine how far apart to space carrots🥕 from them. Companion plants should generally be planted close together so they can benefit from one another but not too close so they can compete with one another for resources.

What kinds of plants make good carrot companions?

Onions, green onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and marigolds are a few of the greatest plants to grow alongside carrots🥕. In terms of location and timing, companion plants with potent scents that deter insects and rodents work well with carrots.

What additional plants thrive alongside carrots?

Numerous different plants, including nasturtium, legumes, tomato plants, peppers, leafy greens, and miniature radishes, grow nicely with carrots🥕.

What kinds of plants should you not grow near carrots?

Carrots🥕 should not planted with dill, parsnips, or fennel. These plants may draw insects that harm carrots.

Can you grow tomatoes and carrots together?

Yes, you can grow tomatoes and carrots🥕 together. They are good plant companions because the carrots can help ward off pests that could harm the tomatoes.

Additional FAQs of What Grows Well With Carrots

Can you grow carrots alongside onions?

Yes, onions make a good carrot🥕 companion plant. They can aid in warding off pests that could harm the carrots, and the carrots themselves can aid in warding off bugs that would harm the onions.

Can you plant marigolds and carrots together?

Yes, marigolds make a nice carrot🥕 companion plant. They can aid in the warding off of pests that could harm the carrots, and their potent perfume can serve to cover up the carrots’ natural scent, deterring pests from being attracted to them.

Can you grow carrots along with beans?

Beans do make a nice carrot🥕 companion plant. They can aid in restoring nitrogen to the soil, which will benefit carrots, and carrots can aid in warding off pests that could harm beans.

Can you grow peppers and carrots together?

Yes, peppers and carrots🥕 make a terrific planting pair. They can aid in warding off bugs that could harm the carrots, and the carrots themselves can aid in warding off pests that would harm the peppers.

Can leafy greens cultivated alongside carrots?

Yes, leafy greens make a good plant for carrots🥕 to grow with. They can both grown in the same bed because the lush greens can shade the carrots and help the soil retain moisture.

Can nasturtium planted alongside carrots?

Yes, nasturtium makes a nice carrot🥕 companion plant. Their blooms can used in salads or as a garnish, and they can assist in warding off pests that could harm the carrots.

Can you grow carrots alongside legumes?

Lentils do make a nice carrot🥕 companion plant. They can assist in restoring nitrogen to the soil, which will benefit carrots, and carrots can assist in warding off pests that could harm legumes.


In conclusion, the secret to a productive vegetable garden may be understanding what crops grow well with carrots. By picking the appropriate companion plants, you may assist the soil become more fertile, ward off pests, and encourage strong growth in your carrot plants. The finest plants to grow with carrots include lettuce, onions, radishes, peas, and beans, while dill, parsley, and fennel should avoided. To prevent resource rivalry, be sure to space companion plants appropriately. You may have a flourishing vegetable garden and delicious fresh carrots if you keep these suggestions in mind. Happy gardening!

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