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According To me, cooking plays a significant role in Genshin Impact, as everyone who has played the game for any length of time is aware. Having a sufficient quantity of ingredients is essential whether you’re cooking meals to replenish your characters’ health or manufacturing food to give them an advantage in combat. Yet among veggies, carrots🥕 are among the most helpful and adaptable. But where can you locate them in the huge Genshin universe? Fear not, brave explorer, for we have put up a thorough handbook to aid you in your search for carrots.

Where to Find Carrots in Genshin : Watching This Video 

Where to Find Carrots in Genshin: A Comprehensive Guide

1. Wild Carrots

In Genshin, picking carrots🥕 up off the ground is the most typical method of finding them. Wild carrots are spread across the entire map, but they are particularly common in the areas between Springvale and Mondstadt. In broad fields, on slopes, and in other grassy areas, keep an eye out for them. With their striking orange colour and feathery green foliage, they are simple to identify.

2. Shops

Carrots🥕 may always purchased from one of the numerous stores in Genshin if you don’t feel like stumbling across the countryside in search of them. Carrots🥕 are sold in general merchandise shops like Good Hunter in Mondstadt and Wanmin Restaurant in Liyue, as well as in some speciality shops like Verr Goldet’s jewellery store in Mondstadt. Just be aware that the convenience will cost a little more.

3. Expeditions

Sending your characters on an excursion is another way to obtain carrots🥕 in Genshin. While you carry on playing the game, you can send your characters on these missions, which you can access through the Adventurers’ Guild. Check them often as some of these adventures will reward you with carrots🥕.

4. Events

Genshin occasionally hosts special occasions with distinctive gifts, such as carrots🥕. To stay informed of any events that might be taking place, keep an eye on the in-game announcements and social media platforms. Be sure to take part while you can because these events frequently involve time-limited tasks or challenges that must finished in order to receive the rewards.

Genshin Impact Carrot Locations: How to find them


Where is the best place to find wild carrots in Genshin?

Wild carrots🥕 can found all over the map in open fields and grassy regions, although they are particularly common in the areas near Springvale and Mondstadt.

How much do carrots cost at the shops in Genshin?

Carrots🥕 can range in price depending on the store, but often cost between 100 and 150 Grams apiece.

Can I get carrots as a reward for completing quests in Genshin?

Carrots🥕 are not a frequent reward for quests, despite the fact that some tasks may include them.

Can I use carrots for anything other than cooking in Genshin?

No, in Genshin, carrots🥕 are only utilised as a cooking element.

Are there any characters in Genshin that specialize in cooking with carrots?

No, there aren’t any characters who are very skilled at making dishes with carrots🥕.

Can I sell carrots in Genshin?

A: Absolutely, you may exchange Mora for carrots🥕 by selling them at stores.

Can I use carrots to level up my characters in Genshin?

Character levelling is not possible with carrots. They are exclusively used as an ingredient in food.

How do I unlock expeditions in Genshin?

After obtaining Adventure Rank 14 and conversing with Katheryne at the Adventurers’ Guild, expeditions can be enable.

Additional FAQs of Where to Find Carrots in Genshin

Can I get rare or special types of carrots in Genshin?

In Genshin, there is only one variety of carrot🥕.

Are there any events in Genshin that focus on cooking or food?

Genshin does occasionally host events with a culinary or foodie theme, and these events may come with unique prizes like carrots.

What Are Carrots in Genshin Impact?

In the video game Genshin Impact, carrots🥕are a resource that can used to create recipes as well as a food source for many of the game’s characters. They are a typical vegetable that may be harvested from carrot🥕 patches and are available in the wild.

Where Can I Find Carrots in Genshin Impact?

In various locations throughout the Genshin universe, carrots can found. Carrot🥕 patches, which are dispersed around the game’s globe, are where you’ll typically locate carrots. These patches can found in places like Mondstadt, Liyue, and Dragonspine. Carrots can also obtained from merchants in numerous towns and cities.

How Do I Harvest Carrots in Genshin Impact?

You must locate a carrot patch in Genshin in order to harvest carrots. You can use your character to gather the carrots once you’ve located a patch. To start harvesting, simply approach the patch and press the interact button. This procedure must repeated for every carrot patch you come across.

Can I Grow Carrots in Genshin Impact?

Carrots🥕 cannot, regrettably, grown in Genshin Impact. Carrots can only obtained by hunting them down in the wild or buying them from vendors.

How Many Carrots Do I Need in Genshin Impact?

The number of carrots you need in Genshin depends on what you want to use them for. If you plan to use them for cooking recipes, the number of carrots you need will vary depending on the recipe. However, it is always a good idea to have a few extra carrots on hand in case you need them for other purposes.


According To me, it’s not as tough as it might seem to find carrots in Genshin. There are many ways to obtain this versatile element, including picking them up from the ground, purchasing them at a store, or earning them through missions or events. Carrots🥕 can be a helpful way to give your characters an edge in combat or heal them, even though they may not be necessary to advance in the game. Thus, don’t scared to look for carrots🥕 and experiment with various cooking techniques to discover what wonderful dishes you can come up with!

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